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By mike

I am currently writing articles for www.thefirearmblog.com. I am contracted to write 15 short articles each month and am proud to say that myself and one other writer beat more than 130 other qualified applicants to earn our positions. The Firearm Blog’s motto is “Guns Not Politics”, so the articles cover breaking news in the industry, reviews of new products, international firearm and military news, and the like. Along with writing, I do all the image manipulation for each article, sometimes including original photography, sometimes heavy image manipulation in Photoshop. You can view all of my articles in chronological order by clicking the below link:

The Firearm Blog, Author Michael Branson



During 2011-2012 I wrote many articles for The Shooter’s Log at www.cheaperthandirt.com. Article writing is challenging and rewarding. Coming up with entertaining, informative topics and writing them to a high standard in a timely fashion is notoriously difficult. I’m proud to say that traffic to Cheaper Than Dirt’s blog increased by over 200% during my time there.  Here I have linked to some of my typical articles, presented in alphanumeric order by title. I wish to note here that these articles are the intellectual property of the company Cheaper Than Dirt! and are presented here solely as an example of my work product to augment my curriculum vitae.

300 AAC Blackout: Speak Softy and Carry a Big Stick

3-Gun Match— Crazy Fun With Some Crazy Guns

6 Shelters That Can Save Your Life—Or, Why I Love Tarps

Adams Arms Glock Conversion Kit—Practice Makes Perfect

AK-47 Magazine Clamps: Finding a Setup that Works

Armscor: 1911s, Ammo, and More!

ATK Ammo for Uncle Sam, and for Us Too

Audit of Illinois FOID System Uncovers Waste, Incompetence, Abuse

Best Selling AR-15s of 2011

Burris MTAC–First Impressions

Can Leupold HAMR the Trijicon ACOG?

Close Encounters of the Grizzly Kind

Colt’s 901— Why Didn’t I Think of This?

CTD Book Report: American Sniper by Chris Kyle

CTD Mike Goes to the Movies— Act of Valor

Customizing your Medical Kit

Cuts Like a Knife: A Basic Guide to Knife Steel

Defensive Ammunition Selection— Tragedy Leads to Innovation

Desert Survival Priorities

Duke’s Christmas Wish List—Peace on Earth, ‘Cept Fer Zombies

First “Silencers are Legal Shoot” Event Draws 3,000 Quiet Shooters

Five Ultimate American Firearms

Gabrielle Giffords Survives and Thrives

GLOCK Announces New Full Size 45acp Pistol (April Fool’s Joke)

Guns Gone Wild! Five Firearms That Don’t Care What You Think

Handloading Basics—The Equipment

Handloading Your Own Ammunition: A Long Term Investment

How to get Un-lost Using a Compass

How to Measure Stuff with Calipers

How to Survive a Kidnapping

How to Survive Falling Through the Ice

How to Survive in a Life Raft

Hunting with Muzzleloaders: Tradition or Technology?

I Brought an AK-47 to the Carbine Class…

Imported Guns: From Kagujevac, With Love

In Defense of the Beretta 92

Infamous Crime Guns

Innovative Arms Proves High Quality Suppressors “Can” be Affordable

Kahr Arms PM45: Good Things Come in Small Packages

Karl Lippard’s 1991A2 Combat NCO: A 400-yard 1911?

Mexican President Tells the U.S.A. “No More Weapons” With Huge Sign

Minimum Cache— What You Should Have in Your Gun Locker

Mk318 Mod O: A Better Bullet, No Matter What They Call It

NBC Sells Fear with Another Shot at Remington

New Anti-Gun Laws Proposed in Illinois— Drastic, Ignorant, and… Hilarious?

New Choices from Hornady Ammunition: Accurate, Deadly, Dependable

New Pistols from Caracal Available Soon in the USA

New SureFire Ryder 22A— The Best .22LR Suppressor Ever Built?

Optimizing Mossberg Shotguns for Home Defense: The Phoenix Technologies Tactical Stock

Panic Buy 2012: Separating Fact from Fiction

PTR Industries— If HK Won’t, PTR Will

Sarsilmaz, the Coolest Pistols You Can’t Buy— Yet

Setting up a Glock for Concealed Carry

Silencer Terms and Tech, Part 1

Silencer Terms and Tech, Part 2

Smith & Wesson’s Bodyguard .380— Tiny Gun, Huge Value

Smith & Wesson Model 642; The Snubbie Soldiers On

Snow Survival: Building a Quinzee Shelter

So How Do You Buy A Suppressor?

SureFire’s 100-Round MAG5-100: The Highest Capacity AR-15 Magazine

Survival Ammunition— How Much Ammo do You Really Need for SHTF?

Survival Binoculars— or, the Bushnell Show

Survival Strategies: “Bugging In” vs. “BOV” vs. “Take a Hike”

Tactical Folding Knives and You

Tales of Survival: Hugh Glass, Mountain Man

The BP9CC: While You Weren’t Looking, Bersa Grew Up

The Finest War Museum You Haven’t Seen: The National World War I Museum at the Liberty Memorial

The Myth of Handgun “Stopping Power”

The Next Heller Case? Wilson v. Cook County Goes to Trial

The Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial: From Controversy to Healing

The Zombie Book, Chapter 4: Zombies, Machine Guns, and You

True Survival Stories: Chris Ryan, The One That Got Away

What’s In a Name: Does Brand Loyalty Still Make Sense?

Why I Chose a Glock 19 for Concealed Carry

Windham Weaponry: “We’re Putting The Band Back Together!”

Windham Weaponry Spreads Their Wings


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